DIY // Mountain Cupcake Tower

Hey there! As you may have heard, it’s been a fairly interesting couple of days here in Georgia. I’ve just been enjoying a little time off and extra family time. But today it’s starting to get somewhat back to normal and I’m ready you share some more of Mr. G’s train party DIYs!
This year, I opted out of a huge cake that not every one would eat and went with just a few cupcakes. But what to do? I wanted to keep it simple, we’re working on a budget here, but I also wanted it to be cute and fun. Since I watch A LOT of Thomas the Train, I had some good inspiration to work with.
What You’ll Need: Cardboard Cupcake Stand, Spray Paint, Tree Print Out, Glue
Take all of the parts from the cupcake stand, lay them out, and paint them.
While the pieces are drying, print and cut out your tree border. I found a stock image and duplicated it. This is the part that takes the longest but makes all the difference once the whole thing comes together.
Glue the border onto the edge of the circle (or whatever shape they happen to be) tiers. 

Assemble the stand and add glue anywhere you feel may need it. I thought my mountain needed a topper and came up with this.  Glue the circle on to a wooden stick and onto the top tier. 
Here’s the template!
Just click and save!
Now for the cupcakes, my awesome SIL used to make cakes for a side job and she still does it for family and friends. Lucky us! I asked her plain chocolate and white frosting so that the tracks would be the star.  Matchstick pretzels worked perfectly!  I think she did an awesome job!

Cupcake mountain was a pretty big hit but Mr. G was definitely more infatuated with the candle at the top!  

XO, Kelly

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