I found this quote on Pinterest and it really caught me.  (and apparently a lot of other people since it has over 200 repins!) I know a lot of us are busy making plans for all of the changes we’re going to make for the new year.  Maybe it’s the ever popular “Get to Goal Weight” or “Be Healthier” ones.  Possibly some of you are making a very serious change like “Quit Smoking”.  I made that one four years ago this coming New Years and going strong! But when I saw this quote, I new this was my new goal.  Not just for the new year though.  I want to make this my new habit, my mantra.  It’s not a quote from some celebrity or long gone philosopher.  When I looked up who it was, I stumbled onto an article by Eros-Alegra Clarke.  She is a wonderful writer with a number of awards to her credit.  And not to be looked over, a mama to three! So whether she reads this or not, I want to thank her for this awesome spark of inspiration.  Thanks Ms. Clarke!
XO, Kelly