Like most people in the world, I’m quite shocked at how fast this year came to an end.  But at the same time, I’m excited for the new one to start.  So many new things will be happening and other wonderful things will continue.  
Remember this?
I’m excited for…
* Moving into our new home
* Mr. G’s 2nd birthday/party
* Working on my recital dances for work
* All of the fun BIG projects I’ll be able to do 
since I will have more space!
My goals for 2014: 
More of these…
* drinking water
* devotional time
* play dates
* gym time
Less of these…
* negative talk 
(whether about myself or anything else)
* bad language…a big vice of mine
* worrying about things I can’t change
What are you excited for in the new year?
XO, Kelly