As much as I would love to, I can’t send everyone I know a Christmas card.  I’m pretty sure that would require a lot of money and a lot of hand cramps from writing addresses.  So here is my way to share one with everyone.
*This tutorial was done with GIMP.*
Open up a new document with either a plain white or transparent background.  A cover photo for Facebook is 815×351 pixels.  
Find a fun background and open it as a new layer.  Adjust as needed.  The background I used is actually a freebie iPhone background from Design Love Fest.

Find the picture you want and open it as a separate window.  This way, you can crop it. 
Once the picture is cropped, copy and paste it into the FB cover window.  Resize/rotate as needed.
Now add text making sure to leave plenty of space in the bottom left corner.  This is where your profile picture overlaps.
I also added a little washi tape for fun!  The washi I used is from Pugly Pixel.  
Now save and upload!
Merry Facebook Christmas!!