I saw a tutorial like this on Etsy for a Christmas wedding bouquet, which I must say is an adorable idea, and thought it would make a lovely addition to our Christmas decor.  It’s also a great way to use up the rest of the leftover ornaments!
What You’ll Need:
Wood Skewers
Floral Foam
Fiber Fill (pillow stuffing)
Cut the foam to the size needed to fit the bottom of the vase and cover it with fiber fill. (like THIS project) Then, remove the hanger parts of the ornaments to expose the hole.  I believe most ornaments, especially the plastic ones, are like this.  Drop some glue and stick a skewer into the open ornament.  Make sure you use the non pointy end so that when you go to arrange them, they slide easily into the foam.  Once you’ve arranged as many as you can with the skewers, start gluing the rest of the ornaments to fill in the spaces.  Finish off the bottom empty space with some more fiber fill.