I love to decorate for Christmas!  I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love going back through all of the candle holders, garlands, ornaments, and miscellaneous knick knacks and spreading them across our home.  This year, as I was decorating the mantle, I realized the garland was a little too long.  Apparently this didn’t bother me last year, but this year it did.  So I cut it.  
Then I looked at the leftover garland and the extra filler ornaments and decided to bring a little Christmas cheer to Mr. G’s door!
**Quick back story on Mr. G’s unusual door:  We have a cat and we were worried, because of his unpredictable temperament, how he would be with our new baby.  So Hubs built a screen door to keep him out and allow us to still see in.**
What You’ll Need:
Christmas “leftovers”
Make a circle from your leftover garland, fluff the ends, and arrange your left overs all around until you like the finished look.  I had some vintage bells I received from a Christmas swap last year and threaded them through the ends of the garland so they could still ring.  Every thing else was hot glued.