I love ornaments.  They are my favorite part of decorating for the holidays because they hold the memories.  Every time we take a trip or go somewhere special, I have to get an ornament.  Hubs usually makes fun of me at the time, but when we’re decorating the tree, I get the last laugh.  We have ornaments from all of the trips we’ve taken together and they make us happy just to look at.  Along with these memories are the newer ones, like our very first family ornament.  I knew that I would want one every year but this year, I just didn’t want to shell out the money.  So I made one!
What You’ll Need:
I chose air dry clay.  This is kid friendly and there’s no baking required.

I made my little santa hat shapes, trying to make the trimmings as “fluffy” as possible.  Don’t forget that you need a large space to write too.  This is the easy part since all you need is a wide rectangle.  Poke holes for the string after you’re done and before you let it begin to set.  Make sure you take in to account the size/weight of the ornament when poking the holes.  Some ornaments may need more than one.
Now we play the waiting game. It takes 24 hours to dry on the outside and 72 to dry throughout.  If it’s just you doing this project, I’d say go ahead and paint after the 24 hours period.  If this is a family project, wait the 72.  The clay is still very soft inside until then and the ornament could get punctured.  
Paint your shapes and allow them to dry.  This drying process, if you used air dry clay, takes no time at all!  The clay soaks up the paint and dries in no more than 10 minutes.  Add on your names and, of course, the year.  Pull some string or ribbon through the holes and hang them.
I had/have so much clay I can make as many as I want!