Ten {little} Things #1

I was thinking that with my new name, I should dedicate one day a week to share with you some of the little things that brought me joy during the last week.  I really do try to find moments in life that make me smile and revel in them.  It’s so easy to get bogged down by just one small negative occurrence.  Why not combat that by appreciating the beauty in ordinary life?!

1. Watching Mr. G experience the Magical Nights of Lights.
2. Laughing along as Mr. G plays peek a boo with the shower curtain.
3. Donut date with one of my best friends and her sweet daughter.
4. Looking at the Christmas tree.
5.  DIY Christmas presents!
6. My new tap shoes came in!!
7. Getting to wear my new tap shoes.  They sound awesome!
8.  Taking Mr. G to see Santa even if we are still in the “Santa terrifies the living daylights outta me” phase.
9. A wonderful visit from friends who live far away.
10.  Watching Hubs and Mr. G spin until they got dizzy and then laugh/giggle.

What little moments brought you joy this past week?

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