Saw It, Pinned It, Tried It // DIY Cellphone Cover #2

This little decoupaged ditty caught my eye when I was scrolling through pins the other day.  Naturally, she had to be mine.
What You’ll Need: Printed Picture, Magazine, Modge Podge, Clear Phone Case
Trace your phone on the picture (my pic is from HERE) and cut it slightly smaller than the outline.  This helps when you go to brush on the Modge Podge.  Also, I printed my picture on regular printer paper.  I think thinner paper works better for decoupage projects.
Find images from your magazine with bight colors.  They don’t have to be big images since you’ll only be snipping tiny pieces.  Cut out small triangles and glue them to your phone cutout.  
Brush a layer of Modge Podge on the inside of the case and place the cutout picture side down.  Then brush on a top layer.
After it has dried some you can take an Exacto knife and cut out the camera hole.
Be sure to let it dry completely before placing it on your phone.  I’m not sure if Apple care covers Modge Podge damage so, just to be safe, wait!  
A happy little accident happened when I was creating mine.  The brush I was using had some glitter in it from another project and it got on my picture.  I like it!
Happy Friday, y’all!!
XO, Kelly

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