I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but you can’t help to start thinking about it because you already see it everywhere!  To be honest, you probably started seeing some of it the day after Halloween!

Here’s a fun and easy piece to add to your collection!
What’s You’ll Need:
Scrapbook Paper Scraps
Glass Container
Cut various sized triangles from your paper.  Make sure you have different patterns and colors to make your trees really stand out.

Glue a few toothpicks together in different lengths.  Also, glue your triangles together in different heights.  Mix and match as many or as few patterns as you like.  Then glue the toothpicks to the triangle trees.

Place some fiber fill in the container and then some styrofoam.  Cover with more fiberfill.  Then start arranging the trees in the container. If you need some more height, take another piece of styrofoam, cover with fiberfill and place it in the jar.

Here in Georgia, we may not always get a white Christmas, but I can pretend!

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