Thrifty Thursday // DIY Iron On Patches

Remember my sweet little orange fur baby?  Mr. Tibbs?  
Do you also remember how he enjoys eating everything, especially my clothes?
Yeah, he struck again! I got a sweet deal at Michael’s on this racer back tank, brought it home, and looked away for a few minutes.  I then came back to a tee with a hole in it.  A small, kitty teeth marked hole!
UGGGGGH!  Well, it’s suited me fine as a layering tank for awhile but I’ve been wanting to fix it.  Then I finally settled on what to do with it.  I had fabric leftover from THIS project and thought it would make the perfect embellishment to this jacked up tee. 
What You’ll Need:
No-Sew Hemming Tape
Cut out the shape(s) you want from your fabric and cut strips of the no-sew tape to cover the back.  
Place the tape, glue side down, and iron onto the fabric shape.  Wait a few seconds for it to cool then trim around the edges to remove the access tape.  Peel off the white backing and now you have an iron on patch!
I ironed the triangles on over the hole and used some scraps to iron to the inside so it wouldn’t be see through. 
From drab to fab in about 10 minutes!

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