Separation Anxiety Part II

The first time I experienced separation anxiety with LM, around 9 months, it was definitely heartbreaking.  I knew it was just something he had to get through.  I had to leave him so he could get used to the idea that mommy does come back and that I’m not leaving him forever.  I knew that it was a phase and that he would eventually grow out of it especially as he got more comfortable with his surroundings.  Sure enough, he did.  It was so easy to leave him in the child care at the gym or church.  
What I didn’t know, however, was that he would relapse.  We are back to being very sad when mommy leaves. Sometimes he wails and screams,”Mommy!” and it just breaks my heart all over again.  Also, now that he’s older than the first time we went through this, he knows when I going to leave him.  The second we pull up to the gym and he sees the building, he looks at me and says,”No. No.”  
Even though I know that he’s usually fine about a minute after I leave, I feel like this time it’s harder on me.  The first time I expected it.  This time, I didn’t.  I hate leaving him anywhere because I just can’t stand to hear him scream for me and walk away.  But I know I have to.  It’s good for him and for me.  But it really stinks! 
How about you?  When did your little one go through separation anxiety?  Did they relapse too?

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