Mommy Problems // Hoarding

If you know me, you know that I’m allergic to clutter.  It makes me itchy. I can’t even watch the hoarder shows because it gives me anxiety.
I am fairly OCD when it comes to things being organized and “just so”.  This is something I’ve had to learn to suppress, every now and then, after having LM.  Sometimes the house is just not going to look like I want it to and that is OK.  
But still, at the end of the day, when LM is sleeping sweetly, I run through the house like a tornado picking up every little thing I can just to restore some order.  
Lately though, I’ve found my self doing the exact thing I can’t stand.  HOARDING! Anything that has to do with LM I can’t seem to let go.  He’s grow out of most of the clothes in his closet and there are some very special pieces that I want to keep.  That, I believe, is total understandable.  But why can’t I part with the plain old, everyday, onesies? 

Part of me is thinking, “What if we have another boy?”.  
Another part is saying.”But my baby wore it.  It so SPECIAL!!!”  
And then my more rational side is saying,”Really?  It’s a onesie with a little elephant and I’m pretty sure it has a spit up stain.”  
Then there’s the toys.  Same problem.  
He has so many toys that he is definitely too old for.  Most of them he doesn’t even touch, he just likes to dump everything out to hear the sound it makes.
I know my attachment to these items is ridiculous but for some reason, if it has to do with my sweet little boy, it becomes sacred.  However, for my own sanity, my OCD side, I need to suck it up.  Some pieces are, indeed, very special.  
I will never ever ever ever ever ever get rid of this one!
 I think this is a case for those big girl panties.  I just have to go find them!

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