How To // Turn Your Child’s Art into a Project Life Card

I saw a fabulous idea once on Becky Higgins’ Instagram.  See had scanned her child’s art work, the kind with lots of construction paper and glue, which turned it into a flat image.  She then was able to print the image and slide it into one of the larger page protectors. Voila! The artwork is saved without all the bulk!  I thought this was a great idea and made a mental note to remember this for the future.  
But then this past weekend, LM decided he wanted to color so I gave him a few crayons and let him go to town. While they ended up in his mouth a lot, they did make it to the paper and mommy and daddy added some doodles too.  It was such a sweet memory that I didn’t want to just discard it.  That’s when I got an idea!  I’ll turn it into a card for the scrapbook!

Scan the artwork to your computer.

For this one, the color was very muted so I adjusted the levels and contrast to see it better.
Resize your image.  I wanted it to go in one of the bigger slots so I got it as close to a 4X6 as I could.

Print, cut, and insert!


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