DIY // Make Your Own Business Cards

Now I know what you may be thinking.  Why make your own when there are so many inexpensive options out there?  
My answer?  Because I can!  And because it cost me all of about $4 which is the price of the ream of cardstock paper.
What You’ll Need:
Paper Cutter
Go to Avery.com and download the business card template.  
Open the template on your computer and insert your logo.  Copy and paste until you fill each card and PRINT.
Now open another blank template and type in your information.  I used GIMP to make my info into an image to insert, just like the logo.  
This next step can be tricky.  Make sure you know exactly how your printer takes the paper and prints onto it.  My laser printer was very interesting to figure out!  You want to make sure that when you put the logo printed paper back in, it prints on the backside and right side up. 
Once you have the front and back printed correctly, cut out your cards.  As a reference, a standard business card is 3.5″X 2″.  
All done and ready to hand out!

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