DIY // Hand Drawn Portrait

This has become one of my favorite things to do recently.  It’s how I do my bow packaging
and it appears here on my little bliggity blog too! (Check out my advertise and about pages to see!)

What You’ll Need:
Printed Picture
Paper (can be any kind)
Print out the picture that you want to use and tape it to the window.  This will only work during the daytime unless you have a light source you can use.
Tape your other piece of paper directly over the picture and begin tracing the details you want to appear in the sketch.  
Once you’re done it will look something like this.  
Now trace all of the outline with pen and erase the pencil. (You can stop here if you want but the next steps help make your portrait really pop!)
Scan your image into your computer and open it in a photo editing software.  I use GIMP because it free!  Adjust the layers until the lines are bold.
  You can add color if you like here (make sure all of your lines connect!) or print it out and color it in by hand.  I colored in my glasses for fun!

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