DIY // Glitter Polka Dot Storage Boxes

A good friend of mine recently bought these fabulous gold polka dotted storage boxes from Home Goods to store all of her Project Life/scrapbooking goodies.  Between my love of boxes, cute storage, polka dots, and all things shiny, I need not tell you that I feel in love with them.  I HAD to have them!!!  Or better yet, make them!

What You’ll Need:
Plain Cardboard/Paper Mache Storage Boxes
Craft Foam
Trace a circle on the craft foam the size you want your dots to be.  I used a wine cork which also became my base for the stamp.  Glue the foam circle onto a base that you can hold onto easily.  This can be a piece of scrap wood, wine cork, etc.

Start stamping your circles all over the boxes (these are photo boxes).

This, in my (uncompensated) opinion, is the best glitter paint I’ve ever used.  Just FYI. 

Don’t worry about the dots being bare in places.  Fill them in with a small paint brush.  If you’re using a solid color paint, you’ll probably only need the one, maybe 2, coats.  Since I used glitter, this took about 4-5 coats on each dot until they were full of enough sparkle for me.

And because I’m such a HUGE copy cat, I keep my Project Life/scrapbooking goodies in mine too!
I LOVE them!!

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