Embracing My “Fear of Fashion”

It’s not a secret that I’m no fashion blogger. I don’t do outfit of the day posts on Instagram.  On the occasion that I do, it’s because I’m really proud of my outfit! But I definitely know that it is not my niche.  This comes from a long standing “fear of fashion”.  
I know that sounds funny but it’s the best way to describe it.  
I’ve always been afraid of looking stupid or not quite right.  I’ve never really had a personal style, just kind of floated in the middle.  Not saying this is bad thing at all but, deep down, I just always wanted to be more fashion forward.  Trends are fleeting and, as a DIYer, I find it hard to spend the money something that may be “out” tomorrow.  I mean, it took me about a year to get on the skinny jean trend!

But lately, especially from following fashion bloggers, I’ve been embracing fashion a little more these days.  A graphic tee here, a patterned dress there.  Pops of color every now and then.  Shoes are fun for me these days too!

I love following fashion bloggers because they are a great source of inspiration.  They stay on top of what’s in trend and share ideas on who, what, where, when, and how to wear something.
So, I’ve been branching out from my plain tee world.  I do tend to spend most of my days in workout pants, I am a dance teacher after all.  But when I get the chance to dress in regular clothes, I like to try out new things.

Maybe it’s getting older, not caring as much what people think.  Maybe I’m getting braver.  
Either way, I’m learning to embrace my fear of fashion.
PS: One of my favorite fashionistas happens to be my in-post sponsor.  Check her out!

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