DIY // Paper Straw Frame

I still have straws left over from LM birthday party.  (yes, back in January!)  For some reason I just couldn’t let them go, DIYer in me I guess.  And I don’t like when they get soggy in my drink so I don’t use them often.  But what to do with them?  
Here’s a fun solution!
What You’ll Need:
2 Paper Straws
Craft Wood
Binder Clip
Cut the straws to the length of your wood.  (I have previously painted my wood.)  
Glue the straws to the top and bottom then the binder clip to the front.
Drop your string or twine through the top straw and tie it.  Adjust the knot until it’s inside the straw.
Add a picture, hang and enjoy!
This can also be a note pad!

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