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A couple weeks ago I shared my favorite t-shirts that I’ve pinned to my wish list.  One of which was the Georgia Home T.  I’ve since found another state love shirt that’s equally awesome!
Well, obviously I needed to make one!
What You’ll Need: Foam Sheet, HOME Printout, Exacto Knife, Plain T-shirt (pre-washed), Fabric Paint
Print out an outline of your state and trace it onto the foam.  Cut it out with the Exacto knife as well as the letters H, M,and E on the print out.  Your state will be the O.
print yours out HERE

Fix any nicks that you don’t want to come out on your shirt with a little tape.

With the fabric paint on your foam, stamp the state first.  Then lay out the letters and sponge the paint in.
Fill in areas as needed with a small paint brush and let it dry.
Depending on the paint you use, the directions for setting your paint will vary.  Mine called for steam setting and it ends up with a textured effect.
I can’t wait to wear my new shirt on the 4th!


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