Thrifty Thursday: Frame Makeover with Washi

I painted something for our mantel a while back but I didn’t have a frame to put it in.  I ended up lightly pinning it to the wall as a quick fix.  Now, the paper is 11×14 and that size frame isn’t cheap. 

 Off to the Goodwill!  
I found one that had a paper backing (instead of a traditional picture frame back) and here’s how I fixed it up.
What You’ll Need:
Washi (or any decorative tape)
Touch Up Paint
Packing or Duct Tape
Open up the back of your frame and remove the old print and glass.  Use pliers to take out any staples.

Wrap your washi around the frame.

Place everything back inside and tape it around the sides with your stronger tape.

Finish by touching up any scuffs with your paint.

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