Last week I shared pictures from our fun trip to visit family in Virginia.  Part of the trip included some beach time so I took the opportunity while I was there to collect some souvenirs for this project.

 What You’ll Need:
Large Jar
Collected Items (ie: shells, rocks, etc.)
Clear Packing Tape

Make sure you’ve cleaned the outside of your jar so that it’s as clear as possible.  To remove labels, I prefer the soap and water soak soaking method.  It makes to label soft and it slides right off.  Any extra gunk can be removed with Goo Gone.  Then, fill with sand.  Arrange your found objects as you’d like.

I printed my picture on regular printer paper and cut it out but you can certainly use regular photo paper too!  Covering the picture in the packing tape makes it more durable to slide into the sand and acts like lamination.

I, of course, gave it a frame of washi first!

You can place the lid back on as is or paint and label.  I used spray paint I had left over from another project and a sharpie.

Notice the washi on the outside of the jar too!

Makes for a great bookend!

One of my favorite parts is that this is actually sand from the beach instead of purchased sand.  It’s part of the memory AND IT’S FREE!

Note: If your jar is like mine, the curve in the glass at the top makes it hard to see through.  Fill the jar much lower so that your items and picture will be visible.

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