Thrifty Thursday: Repurposed Kids Shoes

When my husband and I went on our mountain trip, the B&B we stayed at had these cute little planters made from old shoes that I just loved.  So the next time I went to the Goodwill I checked out the shoe section but not for myself this time!  Many of the shoes you see for kids tend to be pretty well worn.  Now if you’re looking for your little one to wear them, probably not the best idea.  But if you’re looking for a DIY project?  These are perfect!

What You’ll Need:
Old Shoes
Spray Paint (preferably for outdoor projects)
All I did to the shoes is spray paint the bejezzus out of them.  It probably took about 5-6 coats for every inch of the shoe to be fully covered.  Depending on the fabric of the shoe, it may take more or less coats.  These shoes were a suede material.
Then I couldn’t let the sweet flower detail stay covered up so I hand painted them back in.
Fill your new planter with real or faux flowers.  I love these little shoes I found because, in addition to the main foot area, they had smaller holes for the flowers to go.  
Also, the spray paint I used works very well outside.  I left the shoes outside and there was some unexpected rain.  The water just puddled and wiped clean off!
Aren’t they so cute!!
The flowers were from one of my sweet ballerinas.

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