I just love these small crates!  There are so many things you can do with them.  So whenever I see them at the Goodwill, I snag ’em!

You can see my other projects with crates here:
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Here’s my latest repurpose!
What You’ll Need:
Wood Scraps 
Printed Graphics
Modge Podge
Old bottles

Glue your wood scraps to the bottom of the crate to keep your bottles from falling through.  I covered mine in washi tape for some extra pizazz!  You could also paint it or cover it in whatever you like.

Cut out your choice of graphics and, using Modge Podge or other sealant, arrange and layer them on the crate.

I also added some hand painted lettering.

Gather up your bottles and flowers and arrange them inside the crate.

Need some fun graphics?  Here are the ones I used.
antlers by irocksowhat.com and flowers by The NO Drama Mama

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