I love me a good freebie!!  I especially love cute FB Timeline covers!  
Here’s a quick tutorial on how to customize one for your timeline.
My template is from Penelope and Pip.
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*This tutorial is for GIMP and is in no way tech-savy.  This is strictly how I do it. :-)*
Open the timeline template and photo(s) in GIMP.
In the template window, open up a Layers window.
Select the layer where you want your picture to appear then copy/paste your photo.  Here, I wanted to have the photo under the frame where the orange is so I selected the layer with the orange square.
Resize your photo with the scale tool.
Save and rename the template.  Besure to save it as a png.  It will save any transparent layers and be able to be uploaded.  As a .psd file, it will not be available for upload in Facebook.
Upload your new timeline cover!!

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