Mr. G’s Birth Story

I can’t believe Mr. G is almost 16 months old and I’ve never shared this.  So here we go!
I could make this a very short story.  My birth story isn’t remarkable in the sense that it was sudden, or scary, or something unusual.  If I wanted to, I could some it up in 6 words:
Twenty Hours, Baby, Happy New Mommy
But that’s not what happened in my mind.  My birth story IS remarkable because I GAVE BIRTH.  I became a mother.  I went through joy and pain like I’d never known.  It was hard, it was tiring, it was beautiful.
So let’s start the day before.
Friday, January 20, 2012 – 4 days to my due date
At this point I had gained about 35 lbs and was feeling larger than a house.  Tipping the scales at 163 on a 5’1″ frame, I looked like an over inflated balloon.  I wasn’t so much ready to take on my new responsibility as a mother, as I was ready to GET THIS KID OUT OF ME!  That and I just really wanted to meet my little man.  Needless to say I was miserable.  Every night I had cried to my husband that I would be pregnant forever and this baby would never come out.  I had made it past my birthday with no baby and that was the only thing I wanted.  It was time to come out now!
However, I wasn’t feeling any closer to giving birth than I did at 4 weeks.  I had had Brakston Hicks contractions once and that had been weeks before.  Nothing more than that.  I decided it was time to go walking.  I was gonna walk this child out!  Unfortunately it was winter so it was off to the mall.  I could feel people staring at me probably thinking, “oh please don’t have that baby right here!”.  That would have been perfectly fine with me!  But as I walked around the mall I started to feel awful.  
I thought, “Well great!  That was short lived.”  But instead of leaving I called my mom.  I told her how I was feeling I she told me she was pretty sure that this was pre labor and I should call my doctor.  So I called, feeling a little excited but pessimistic to say the least.  The nurse told me to wait it out for a little while and if I felt better, stay home, and if it got worse, to come on in.  Well, it got better, I stayed home.   
That night I thought I was feeling some pains and we started timing them.  They were very irregular so I went to bed, feeling miserable, and tried to get comfortable.  If you have ever been pregnant, at 39 almost 40 weeks, that’s near impossible.  
Saturday, January 21, 2012 3am
I woke up with a bit of pain in my abdomen and didn’t think too much of it.
10 minutes later, again….So I started timing.  For an hour, they were pretty consistent.  7-10 minutes apart.  So who did I call?
My mom. That’s right.  4am and I called my mom.  She told me to call my doctor because I was, very likely, in labor.  Doc told me to go ahead and go.  So I woke up the hubster, we grabbed the bags, and headed 5 minutes down the road to the hospital.  Pretty convenient, huh?
Saturday, January 21, 2012 5am
Once at the hospital, I told my husband not to bring the bags in because they were probably going to send me home.
Nurse: “We’re going to go ahead and admit you.”
Me: “What?  I’m staying?”
Nurse: “Yup”
Turns out, I was in labor!  This is happening!  I was so excited, I couldn’t believe it.  First thing I did after getting the gown on? FACEBOOK!
Then came the calls to let the fam know and they slowly started arriving to wait with us.  
Saturday, January 21, 2012 (a few hours later)
I was given my epidural fairly early so I was feeling fine.  I had no desire to do a natural birth this time around.  This was my first time giving birth and I was already scared.  They broke my water for me so I have no idea what that’s like either.
However, I wasn’t dilating fast enough, so they gave me pitocin and decided to try turning me on my side.
The epidural is “gravity activated” so it began draining out of my elevated side.  Then came the pain.  Apparently, in addition to my regular contractions, I was having back labor.  I was turned on my opposite side and started to feel better.  Until it began to wear out on the other side. I began feeling fairly nauseated and started chucking.  That was just great! 
*FYI: If they let you have apple juice in addition to any water or ice chips you can have, just say no.  Apple Juice was one of my final cravings so I couldn’t help myself.   
Then there was the fever.  I was feeling pretty terrible at this point so we decided that I should just lay flat.  If we were going to pay for this epidural, it was gonna to it’s job danggit!  I was given some Tylenol and a stronger pain med and the hubbub died down.
Then it became a waiting game.
a lot of phone calls were made throughout the day.
My sister-in-law was so sweet to me!
*Cut to 10 pm*
We ask my doctor about how much longer she thought it would be.  She said we may have a baby by midnight.  MIDNIGHT?!  What!? She said that we would start pushing in a few minutes and that, on average, a first time pregnancy takes about 2 hours of pushing.  OH NO.  I DON’T THINK SO.
If you have ever met me, I’m fairly competitive.  I was gonna blow that 2 hours out of the water!
We said our goodbyes to our family, I only wanted doctors and my husband for the delivery and it was time to push.  I was doing really well and my husband was watching with awe.  They asked me if I wanted a mirror and I immediately said “NO!”.  I had always known that that was something  I never wanted to see.  But as I watched my husband, who was holding one of my legs, be mesmerized at this birthing thing, I thought there was no way I was gonna go through all this and he gets to see it.
“Bring me that mirror please!”
I have to say that it was the best decision I made all day.
How long did I push?
45 mins!  That’s right! 2 hours my behind!

Saturday, January 21, 2012 11:05 pm

Our beautiful baby boy, Gavin Thomas, was born and made the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard.  He cried and they placed him on my chest and I couldn’t believe what was happening.  I was now and forever a mother.  Something I had wanted all my life was finally here.  I have always wanted to be a mother, have always believed that is what I was put on this earth to do, and now I was one.

XO, Kelly

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