Saw It, Pinned It, Tried It: Perfect Polish Trick

As with all “tips and tricks” on Pinterest, I was skeptical about this one.  The captions always say something like, “The Perfect Solution!” or “Works Every Time!”  Yeah right….
I have to say that I was VERY pleasantly surprised when I tried this one!

What You’ll Need:
Vaseline (or greasy lotion)
Cuticle Stick

1. Rub the vaseline on the skin around the nail. I used the q-tip for this.

 2. Paint your nails and after they dry, wipe away any excess polish and you’re done!

This is no joke!  The only thing I changed was using vaseline.  I think this ended up working even better since the polish, for the most part, barely even touched wear I put the vaseline and if it did, it wiped right off.  Plus, when you’re done, any extra left on your fingers is good for the cuticles!
Don’t have a cuticle stick?
 Don’t worry, I mainly used my other fingernails to get around the edges.  I’ll definitely be pulling this trick out every time I paint my nails!
Have a Pinterest project or trick you’d like to see me try? Let me know!

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