I love art.  Any kind of art.  I even love art that I don’t understand and sometimes that’s even better.  

I love books, especially old ones….now let’s put that together!
When I saw this project on Wonder Forest, I knew immediately where I would put this.  
Our collage wall!
Here’s how mine turned out.
When you find the image you want, you may want to vectorize it.  How do you do that?
Using a photo editing software, open the image and color the image to the alpha channel.  This will make the background transparent and the image translucent. 
Don’t have the software?  Download GIMP! Don’t want to do that?  Simply type the word “vector” or “clipart” after whatever image you’re looking for in your search engine.  (i.e: vintage vector, vintage clip art, flowers clipart, etc.)
HERE’s a fun site with vintage image vectors I found!
Center your image as if you were printing an 8.5×11 size image.
Adjust your printer to the dimensions of your book page.
Print and frame!
I made a girly one for me…

and one a bit more manly for the hubby.

*Please Note: This is not a statement on gun laws or guns in general.  It is strictly an image.*

The wall is really coming along!