Please Just EAT!

I find myself saying this a lot lately.  
LM: *scream* Nummie?! Nummie?!
Me: Here you go!  Mmmmm, yummy chicken!
LM: *takes chicken and throws it on the floor*
Me: Gavin no!  Yummie, here! Eat.  *does sign for eat*
LM: *takes chicken, puts it in mouth, chews it*
Me: Yay Gavin!  More?
LM: *spits everything back out of his mouth* Nummie?!
Seriously?  This has been our battle recently and I find myself staring at my 15 month old trying to reason with him.  Then it just turns into,”For the love of all that is good and holy, will you just EAT?!?!”
He will eat just about anything but these days, suddenly, he doesn’t want anything. Cut to five minutes later, now it’s delicious! I don’t get it. 
Like most things in mommyhood,  you have to pick your battles and right now, I’m choosing not to fight this one.  Once he’s done being in his highchair, I let him get out and run around.  I call him back to the table for “yummies” and he runs back and eats it. Whatever.  My kid’s eating and getting nutrients and that all I really care about right now.  Don’t judge!
eating on the run

When he’s older and can understand and communicate with me, then we will fight.  

And I will win!  
But for right now, this will have to do.  I have to keep trying new things, different things, back to the same things until I feel like he’s eaten enough. It’s so frustrating but I suppose “this too shall pass”. Maybe…


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