DIY Statement Ring

I saw these beautiful statement rings recently on Brickyard Buffalo and loved them.  But you know me, my first thought was, “I think I can copy that!”  So I did!

Here’s my inspiration:

What You’ll Need:
Exacto Knife
Ring Base

1. Break off a piece of your clay and work it into a ball.
2. Flatten your ball out and smooth out the surface.  I used my phone to help make it super flat.
3. Trace out the shape you want and cut along the lines.
4. Bake your clay according to the instructions on the package.

5. Paint your clay how you wish.  I use a rough sponge to help get a marbled look on mine.
6. Glue to your ring base and wear!

Seen something you’d like to see me try to make?  Message me via the contact tab in my sidebar and I’ll be happy to give it a try!

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