DIY Spring Garland

I’m gonna be honest, I wasn’t planned on posting today when I woke up.  LM had a rough night of teething. my body is revolting against me from a kickboxing class and teaching, the power went out this morning.  Seriously, I just wasn’t feeling it.  Not to mention the insane whooshing sounds going on outside our 3rd floor abode.  I think a friend of mine on Facebook described it well by quoting The Wizard of Oz.
“The wind began to switch

The house to pitch
And suddenly the hinges started to unhitch…”

For realz…
Hubby took this when he came out of the bedroom…thanks honey! 
We’re like a sleepy totem pole.
Anyway.  I got up, the power came back on in a timely fashion, aka I was able to make coffee, and I started wishing it was spring already.  This, in turn, reminded me of a project I worked on a week or so ago that I’m gonna share with you today!

What You Need:
Cupcake Liners
Ribbon/Fabric Scraps
1. Measure out the length of twine you need.
2. Separate the liners and spread them apart.
3. Thread the twine on a needle and start adding your cupcake liners.
4. Tie on your ribbon/fabric scraps at different intervals.
It’s starting to feel like spring around here, even if the weather says otherwise!


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