Mixed Emotions

Today I have a bit of a heavy heart.  If you are from Georgia, you may have heard about a little boy named Tripp.  If not, here’s a quick version of his story.  
During Hurricane Sandy, we experienced some VERY strong winds.  Granted, it was nothing like being in the wake of the actual storm, but strong nonetheless.  So strong in fact, that it snapped a large, heavy, branch from a very tall tree.  That branch came down on the head of a sweet, healthy, happy little boy.  2 years old and has now been through countless surgeries, endless hours of physical therapy, and no end in sight.  They weren’t sure if he would make it through the first surgery, then the first 24 hours.  But he did.  This little guy is a fighter, no doubt.
Sadly, reading through the updates on Facebook, things are starting to look scary again.  Please pray for this family and this sweet little boy.  If you would like to follow the updates, HERE‘s a link to the Facebook page.  On there, you’ll also find ways you can donate and help.
The reason I’m feeling so wonky today, is that amid this heavy feeling, I’m so thankful for MY sweet little boy.  My healthy little man who I love with my whole life.  Writing this, I can look over and see this little mass of perfection sleeping.  I’m so thankful for my LM!  I am so blessed just to have him.  It’s situations like this that make me hug him a little tighter, kiss him one more time, soak in his smile, take one more picture.  I don’t mean any of this to be morbid, I just want to take in every moment, take none for granted.  
Please pray for Tripp and his family.  The power of prayer is immense.  Hug those you love and smile a little more every day.     

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