It’s All Part of Being a Mom

The past couple of days have been hellacious for my LM.  My sweet boy, who has always been such a good sleeper, started waking up two and three times a night.  I know, I know, I shouldn’t even be complaining since he’s been such a good sleeper until now and I definitely know how blessed we are for that.  But MAN!  When you get used to sleeping through the night again, it sucks!  
What pained me the most, other than the lack of sleep, was that I didn’t know why it was happening.  Was his diaper bothering him? Did he need his favorite stuffed animal?  Was he hungry? Teething?  I tried just about everything.  I didn’t ever think it was something I couldn’t fix myself.  
Then, when changing his diaper yesterday morning, I noticed his rug burn, at least that’s what I thought it was, had gotten exponentially worse.  He’s been on amoxicillin and I thought that since he had been on it for over a week that wasn’t the cause of this rash-looking thing.  But what was it?  I kept going on with my morning to the gym and voiced my concern to my friends.  I was feeling like I should take him to the doctor, which worried me.
**side note**  For someone who stresses a lot about stupid stuff, I was very surprised to find out that I am not this type of mommy.  I just don’t freak out when I think he may be getting sick.  I don’t take him to the doctor unless I absolutely FEEL I should. 
They confirmed that I should.
Turns out it WAS an allergic reaction to the medicine.  It doesn’t usually show until the end of the dosage. (Which, to me, makes no sense but I’m not a doctor!) I guess it was inevitable since I’m allergic and my husband gets what they call the “amoxicillin rash” if he takes it.  But my poor LM was so itchy and uncomfortable that he was waking up.  At his age, he doesn’t know how to relieve the itching and his knees were so bad because he had been rubbing them on the floor from crawling.  Hives only get worse when you scratch them.  However, this was not all that was wrong!  He has a minor ear infection too!  Well no wonder he can’t sleep at night! I guess I’m lucky we made it to 13 months before the first ear infection. 
So a little Benadryl later, the rash is clearing up and he slept all night last night!  We start the new antibiotic for his ear today and my LM will be all better soon.  As an added bonus, I feel rejuvenated from the good night’s rest!
taken at 4:30am…you would never know he felt so yucky!

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