DIY Dishwasher Magnet

I whipped up this little ditty a few days ago because my hubby said that he never knows when the dishes are clean or dirty, which is why he doesn’t really touch the dishwasher unless I ask him to.  Well, consider this problem solved!  No guessing involved anymore!
What you need:
Large craft magnet (the ones I used were strips and that’s ok too.)
Washi tape
1.  Leave the paper backing on your magnet so that the pattern of the washi will show better.  Wrap your tape around in strips until covered.
2. Wrap the tape again in strips going horizontally.  Since I was using magnet strips, this step helped to keep them together.
3. Write on the side with the paper backing.  This side will probably have no magnetic pull due to the paper so use this side to write Dirty/Clean.
4. Place on dishwasher!
Hardest part?  Getting the husband to empty the dishwasher! HA!


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