A Heartfelt Week: Valentine Mailbox

Since becoming a new owner of a Keurig, I seem to have these empty K-cup boxes lying around.
Ok, well, not really.  You know me.  No clutter…but I did save one.  I thought it would make the perfect valentine mailbox for my husband and I.

1. Give the outside a quick sweeping of paint to lighten up darker areas of the box. 2. Using Modge Podge, or other preferred decoupage method, and cover the box with festive tissue paper.  It took a couple of layers for me because the paper is delicate and would tear around the corners.  3. Decorate!

The way my husband and I are using our mailbox is to write tiny love notes until Valentine’s Day and then read them together on the holiday.  So I cut up some paper, put it in a tin with a pen, and placed it next to the mailbox.

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