What’s In My Bag?

That’s a good question!  As I was driving home from the weekly boot camp we go to, I looked over at my diaper bag and thought, “That’s a hot mess!”  What was in there?  That got me thinking about what I really need in my bag on a daily basis.  
After some much needed organizing, here is what I currently find to be my diaper bag essentials.
The bag? Steve Madden (via Ross)
With the yucky winter weather and a teething baby, Boogie Wipes are a must!  Also, we like to drop the pacifier, it’s a super fun game, so the paci wipes help too!  Any and all wipes!

I can’t tell you how convenient this portable changing station has been.  There are still a multitude of public restrooms that do not have changing tables.  
And the “Mommy-ssentials”!
What’s are must haves in your bag?

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