As part of my birthday, my hubby planned a weekend getaway for us to one of our favorite places, Lookout Mountain.  This mountain in particular is divided between Georgia and Tennessee.  Where we stayed, The Garden Walk Inn, was technically in Georgia. 
If you’ve never stayed at a bed and breakfast, you’re missing out!  If you have, you know what I mean when I say that hotels just don’t do it for you anymore.
It was a wonderful little hideaway in the woods.  Very quite and peaceful!
Our room was technically the “Honeymoon” sweet and we had a ice bucket with champagne waiting for us when we got there.  Hubby spoils me! 
The over all look of the grounds is very sweet, colorful, and whimsical.
The main house was decked out with sweet valentine touches.
On our first night, after meeting some good friends of ours for dinner, we went on…
When we were at the falls last, my first time there, I was 16 weeks preggers so this was definitely a more comfortable experience.  But what made it so cool was that all of the guided tour lights were turned off and we only had lanterns.  It gave the feeling of how it might have been “way back when”!  Also, there was only one other couple with us so it was quite a unique experience.
Just before the falls, our tour guide turned off the lantern so that we could experience “total darkness”.  Freaky! But also very cool because you could focus on the rush of the falls.  Once in the cavern where the waterfall is, he hoisted a lantern up to the top of the about 140 ft. drop. 
We also got to turn the flood lights on for pics that usually get rushed when the day time tours are going on.
Hubby got an awesome vertical panoramic shot.
Day two was completely open to do whatever we chose.  We found a fun mountain shop and bought LM some Minnetonkas!
Then it was on to…
Here are a few of my favorite pieces. 
cute statue outside

A neat thing at this museum is the spot where you can draw your own masterpiece!
Next stop?
This is the steepest railway in the world at about 72 degrees!
After a very relaxing nap…
I loved seeing touches of spring coming out.
Our last day, hubby had a couples massage planned which was absolutely wonderful!!  While we waited, we found this old book/found object shop run by a very sweet lady.  She had looms all around the shop where she hand spins and crochets hats and scarves.  Some of the hats were even hand dyed in a kettle.

Not gonna lie, the place made me feel all itchy and anxious from the clutter but I came away with something pretty cool!
It’s some sort of calendar that I haven’t figured out yet.
Last but not least, we had some delicious eats at a local pizza place.  If you’re ever in Chattanooga, you have to check it out.
While we hated to have to end our trip, we were so happy to be home with our sweet baby boy.  We, of course, missed him like crazy but both sets of grandparents were gracious enough to send pics!