Monster Bash Photo Booth (Part 2: The Backdrop and Pics)

I am so happy I did this photo booth!  It was a lot of fun and we came out with some GREAT shots!
For the backdrop, I hung a piece of muslin on hooks and made a ribbon banner and an eyeball banner.
 To make the ribbon banner:
Cut a piece of jute string the length of your photo booth area.
Tie SEVERAL pieces of ribbon along the jute string.
To make the eyeball banner:
Cut a piece of twine the length of your photo booth area.
Glue eyeball cutouts along the length of twine.
You can use a stationary camera on a tripod or leave the camera out for anyone to act as the photographer.  We did the latter.
Here’s what ensued:

And winner for best photo goes to……
My Mom!! 
aka “The NODrama Grandmama”



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