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I Hate Tornadoes

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It’s true.  I have a (slightly) irrational fear of tornadoes.  I say slightly because tornadoes can do A LOT of damage.  They kill, destroy, uproot, DEMOLISH.  Even the movie “Twister” freaks me out.  However, I know that if you watch the warnings and watches, take the proper precautions, and aren’t stupid about being safe, it’s pretty much a “duck-and-cover” situation.  
What gets me though, I think, is the utter uncertainty.  The weather, in a situation like that, is very volatile, unpredictable, and I just have a hard time handling that.  Not to mention we live on the third (top) floor of an apartment building and have windows EVERYWHERE!  
Usually, every time there has been a warning situation lately, my husband has been here and acts as my sanity.  Not yesterday!  Everything happened during the day and he was at work.  
Let me just tell you,  sometimes I hate my “big girl panties”.  Sometimes I just don’t want to put them on.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I wanted to curl up in a ball and wish it away.  But wait! I’m a mommy and I can’t do that anymore.  Crap! 
So I kept the weather/news on all day and didn’t go outside until we ended up under a warning.  The warning was precautionary on behalf of the weather peeps to keep everyone safe.  LM and I hunkered down in the leasing office for the duration (45 minutes tops) of the warning, in front of the TV so I could listen to the news.  
“Mom, this sucks.  Why are we here?”
Did anything come of it in our area? No. I ended up calming down after the warning was over. But it could have and that’s the part I hate.  I mean, there were over turned cars and one guy died!  (Prayers for his family!) I will say my friends, through texting back and forth, made me feel a bit better.  One of them is from Texas so she knows a thing or two about a twister.
I suppose I’ll get better about them since LM, as well as any future children we may have, will rely on mommy to make him feel safe.  I will have to put on my permanent pair of “big girl panties”.  They give them to you at the hospital when you give birth…you can chose to put them on or wait awhile.  I’m still happy with my temporary pair, but I think I’m starting to grow into the new ones.  I handled yesterday (a little bit) better than in the past.  I had to.  I still hate tornadoes though.  


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