Toilet Paper Roll Carolers

I friend of mine, Ms. T, sent me an email with a cute little craft on it and thought I would have fun making it.  She was right!  These little carolers make for a fun craft you can do with your children.  AND you’re recycling!
I used a paper towel roll so I didn’t have to wait to use up 3 rolls of TP.  Both work!
I found a free sheet music printable, made them tiny, and then folded them to make them look like a book of carols.
Here’s the sheet music all ready for you!
Just right click and copy or drag to your desktop!
Don’t forget to make the hands face both ways….unlike me.  My carolers have two right hands, but that’s ok! Glue the hands to the music and then to your carolers.
Scrapbook paper hats to keep them warm.  I think printed paper would look even better!
 I glued mine together but you don’t have to.
I think they’re cute and whimsical!


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