Christmas as an Adult

Christmas 2010 – 1st Christmas as a Mrs.
I remember Christmas as a kid and being so excited to see all the presents under the tree with my name on them!  I was very fortunate to receive so much, but of course you don’t understand that at the time.  Being the only grandchild on one side of your family definitely has it’s perks! 
I would open present after present, to see this toy or that.  A gift card to Claire’s (come on girls…you know that was the jam!) with enough money to buy 82 pairs of earrings!  It was all so exciting!!!  We would all take turns opening presents.  My mom, dad, me, and a trash bag to collect all the wrappings!
I remember one specific Christmas, when it was my mom’s turn to open, and it was a new iron.  
What? An iron for Christmas?  
She was so happy!  
Huh?  You WANTED that for Christmas? Are you sure?  
The iron lovin’ lady!  Please don’t kill me for sharing this picture!
I couldn’t fathom the thought that she didn’t want toys for Christmas or at least something other than an IRON! AN IRON!
 I wondered to my small self, “When do you start wanting ‘boring’ things instead of toys for Christmas?”
Now I understand.  Christmas has become more about getting things you need that you don’t feel like spending the money on.  Or at least just ONE thing you’ve been eyeing that you just couldn’t spend your money on.  
When my family asks me what I want for Christmas now I usually respond with, “eh….I don’t really need anything.” or ” how about money for bills!”  And you know what?  I really would be happy with that.  
What? No toys?
I totally get it now.
Christmas 2011…less than a month for LM was born!

And now that I am a mother this year, I’m feeling Christmas in a completely different way.  I just want LM to get presents.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love to receive gifts.  The half-an-only-child (my brother is 9 years older) side of me will never go away!  But I’ll just be happy to see all of the things my little guy gets.

Huster still wants toys!
I guess that brings my whole thought process full circle….I do want toys! But for my son, not me!
Christmas 2008

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