A Visit With Santa (Instagram Style)

Minus the wait, this is one of the most fun elements of a first Christmas.  The first visit to Santa!  It always seems to go the same no matter who you ask.  
All of the mom’s I had talked to before we went had the same experience.  Screaming.  I wasn’t too worried about it though.  I was pretty sure LM would do the same.  He’s going through separation anxiety right now, as babies do at this age, and I knew Santa would be no different.  
How sweet is this picture of my little guy and my dad!?
He did great while we waited in line. Being in the stroller for an hour, barely moving, would bother any baby and LM was a champ!  He looked around, practiced his waving and high 5-ing, and it wasn’t until we reached the front of the line that he was ready to get out.  
Our turn came up and I sat him down with Santa.
Hmm…maybe this won’t be so bad….
Nevermind.  As soon as we tried to get him to look at the camera it was all over. 
But like I said, it’s to be expected.  I’m glad we have this picture and I, personally, think it’s hysterical!  Of course I feel bad for him, but it’s still really funny!
After Santa, Grandpa decided that LM needed to go on a train ride.  It was so cute!  My husband went with him, since he’s wanted to ride the mall train FOREVER, and they had a great time.  
Of course we all had to get 500 pictures each of this cuteness.
Oh the things we do to get their attention!  (from left: MIL, my dad, me!)
LM stood up the whole time and even waved at some shoppers!  When the train came back around to our side of the mall, I waved at my boys. My little guy hung his head out to look back at me as they passed.  Pretty sure I almost cried with delight.
All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon full of memories shared with our family.

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