Thrifty Thursday: Adventures In Stamping (Part 2)

I found this wonderful bag at the Goodwill the other day to use as a new dance bag.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a before pic but it has this great large front pocket that had a logo in yellow that I wasn’t crazy about.  So I decided to go with a combination DIYs I’ve done.
I painted the pocket and sprayed the dry paint with Modge Podge.  (The regular liquid kind works just fine too!)  You can find that DIY here.
I used the same technique, foam cutout on wood, for the stamp and made a fun print.  
Gave it a final spray and good to go!
Here it is in action!
PS: The bag was $3!
PPS: I think it’s time I found a new color scheme! šŸ™‚
Today I am thankful for our home.  There are many people in this nation, in this world, that are without a roof over their heads.  I know we’ve had a rough time with our complex with constantly changing staff, incorrect billing and so forth…but we have a place to call our own.  We have to look at the big picture! 


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