Saw It, PINNED It, Tried It: DIY Printed Infinity Scarf

I have been DYING to share this project since I’m pretty darn proud of the outcome.  Sugar & Cloth shared this fun DIY a little while back and I immediately pinned it for future crafting.  
I had a T-shirt that I never wear so I started with that.  Turns out my little shirt doesn’t make for the best or biggest infinity scarf.  You know who’s does?  HUBSTER’S!  So I used one of his and this is how it turned out! (Yes, I asked him first!)
To get as much length as possible, I stretched the ring of fabric out as much as I could.
And for some reason I am obsessed with triangles and arrows these days, so I made a new stamp!
oooh GOLD!
So happy with my scarf!

Today I am thankful for healing.  So happy to report that LM is feeling better and we can finally get out of the house and go somewhere other than the doctor or work!  He’s definitely feeling himself again and is active as ever!


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