I saw this pin and thought it was really pretty.  So I clicked on it and it only lead me to a bunch of pictures.  I was sad that it wasn’t a DIY…but that didn’t stop me!  
This was a great excuse to grab a bag and go for a while with LM.  I collected twigs and branches and got some great fresh air too!  

1. Wrap a metal ring in fabric of your choosing.  I used muslin since it’s neutral in color and pretty inexpensive.
2. Start wrapping your twigs around the ring and weave them between each other.
3. Wrap twine or thread around the outside to start the weaved inside. 
4. Then begin weaving and intersecting until you reach the desired pattern.  
Add ribbon and left over fabric to the bottom and findings, charms, etc to the center.
I even added flowers to mine! 
And today I am thankful for our family (outside the 3 of us)!  They are so supportive and willing to help at the drop of a hat.  Starting a family is not easy and they make it easier on us.  I love you all with all my heart!
XO, Kelly