Lovely Leftovers

I just love Thanksgiving!  It’s a holiday all about FOOD! (Well…it’s about being grateful too but that’s a given.)
I was thinking about what  to post today and I thought I would share some of the recipes I’ve found that would make great side dishes to bring to your family gathering.  But then I figured everyone was pretty set with their menu for the big day.  So instead, I’m sharing some unique ideas about what to do with all the yumminess the day after!



And for all my fellow “Friends” lovers out there:

via Spoon Fork Bacon

Today I am thankful for holiday time off.  My mom is a school teacher so she’s had the week off and we’ve been able to spend some time together and now my dad is off for a couple of days too!  He gets to come see LM at Gymboree today…very excited!  

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