Color Blocked Piggy Bank (aka “The Muddy Piggy”)

I’ve had this piggy bank sitting around for over two years and haven’t really done anything with it.  We have a change jar already and this one just isn’t my husband’s style.  

This particular piggy bank is very special because it was given to me by my sister in-law on my wedding day.  It was filled with wonderful notes and sweet things from the ladies at my bridal shower.  Here it is in all its piggy glory:
But now it’s serving a new purpose in our little guy’s room!
I used extra paint from other projects and sprayed the top first.  Once it was dry, I wrapped up the top so I could spray the bottom.
Take a sharpie and decorate to your heart’s content!  I kept it pretty simple.
I think he looks like he played in the mud…fairly neatly I might add! Ha!
A lot of memories on the shelf!
Today I have to be thankful, once again, for our family.  The out pour of love and giving that they exude on a daily basis is astounding.  I am so overwhelmed by their giving and willingness to help.  I can only hope they know how much we appreciate them and how grateful we are.

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