I found this fun little tote bag at the Dollar Store a few weeks ago and I thought it would make the perfect bible study bag.  
We’ve recently found a church that we love and are involved in and finally go every Sunday.  I like to bring my bible to service, must be the perpetual notetaker/student in me, but sometimes (read ALL THE TIME) I forget it.  We have to be there an hour early for Hubster to practice with the band, get Gavin ready and prepare for extra time we might be out….”Mommy Brain” gets even the best of us!  
 I thought this little tote would make it easier to remember.  
So far it’s worked! But, of course, it had to be DIY-ified!
I’ve been seeing all of these handmade stamps around the bloggy/Pinterest world that I thought I’d try my hand at it.  I really like the result!
A pocket comes in handy to carry my nerdy note taking supplies!
Anyone notice that I’ve been stuck on the same color scheme for awhile?
Happy Stamping!
Today I am thankful for the ability to be a SAHM.  God has blessed us with this opportunity and we are so grateful.  So grateful that my husband has a great job that allows us to be able to make this, our ideal situation, possible.
XO, Kelly