31 Days to an Organized Home: Trunk or Treat!

Clutter Free Car
Your car is often an extension of your home especially if you spend most of your day driving or are in and out of your car.  This was me before I had LM.  I drove from one school to the next teaching dance classes and I spent a large portion of my day in the car.  Like all spaces that you spend time in, it needs to stay organized.  
Now that I have my little one, the majority of the trunk in filled up by the stroller.  This means I have to make the most of the little space that is left.
A great way to make extra space is storage bins.  We had a couple left over from the closets so I stuck them in the car.

Stuck some velcro to minimize sliding.

and now I have less clutter!
This was the inexpensive (FREE) way to do it.  However, when I get the chance, I want this!!!!
How do you keep your car clutter free?

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