31 Days to an Organized Home: Personalized Planner

Organizing Your Time

I have to hardest time remembering my ideas, post plans, events….the list could go on and on.  I used to have (if I do say so myself) an incredible memory.  Now I have Mommy Brain so I have to write things down more often.  However, like everything else, planners can cost a pretty penny.  Also, many planners have too many “extras” for me.  Month pages followed by weekly pages followed by notes and on and on and on.  I even had a planner that had a periodic table in it.  I assume it was for a student, but still!

All I really needed was a few lines to write for each day to help me plan for the blog.  I’ll admit it, there are some days that I find myself scrounging for post topics.  This planner has been a huge help.  I don’t feel as lost as I used to!



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